Corvallis, OR

Christ Centeral Presbyterian Church, Mission Corvallis, Oregon

Monday, 30 September 2013

Give Thanks:

  • It has been amazing to see members of the launch community and campus ministry truly take ownership for this work. We had one family agree to buy a case of bibles for Evensong/college outreach and another family buy mason jar mugs with our logo on it to give to visitors, outreach on campus, and use for coffee at Evensong. In addition, every family has taken it upon themselves to reach out and not put the entire pressure on me to do all of the outreach.

Trust God:

  • It is hard knowing that tomorrow night we are kicking off Evensong, and not being worried about numbers, etc. In addition, the pressure of finances are always lingering and a large donor who I was confident would give, has not yet, and it is starting to feel the pressure from that.

Prayer Requests:

  • Lord, thank you so much for the greatest gift of yourself. That through the person and work of Jesus Christ we are accepted, forgiven, and loved. Please help us to winsomely share the gospel, to be resolved in our convictions and to gracious love others. That the Kingdom will manifest here in the Northwest.

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