Corvallis, OR

Christ Central Presbyterian Church, Mission Corvallis, OR-Rev. Greg Joines

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Give Thanks:

  • This was a good month of community building and celebrating the joy of the resurrection! We have finally turned a corner for our community as we transitioned from being a group of people “excited about a church” to being a core group of believers seeking to establish a gospel presence in Corvallis. People are starting to assimilate the truths of the gospel into their marriages, families, and school, and this is exciting to see. Almost everyone has taken our “connect to Christ Central” seminar and is excited about the next step to membership.

Trust God:

  • We are still a very small community, and this can be frustrating on one hand, but actually force us to be a community on the other. Right now we are trying to find a space that would be more suitable for our community, mission, and vision, as we seek to develop and grow.

Prayer Requests:

  • Lord, the parable of the Kingdom in Luke 13 shows us that you use subversive things in dynamic ways; I prayer that our community will not be an exception to this. I pray that although we are small, we will bring the good news of the kingdom. And, that you will allow us to rest confidently in the work you are doing. That you will bless this work and other works in the PNW, to impact this beautiful, but broken, region of our world.

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