Mill Creek, WA

Trinitas Church, Mission Mill Creek, WA-Rev Brant Bosserman

Friday, 13 June 2014

Give Thanks:

  • This month we are tremendously thankful to God for growing our church by 4 new, newborn children. We are looking forward to having several baptismal services, which always allows our ministry to reach new friends and family members.

Trust God:

  • Being a smaller church with younger people we experience relationship issues that make it difficult when people meet, date and breakup. We are all learning to lean on and trust the Lord for our coming together with heavy hearts and relational strain. We trust that the Lord will heal in these areas and allow each of us to come to his house of worship at Trinitas open and ready to see the love and care of Christ in each and every one of our personal crises.

Prayer Requests:

  • I would love for the Lord to grow our community in certain demographics that are both older (40′s) and younger (20′s without kids) than our predominant life-stage/age group (Late 20′s-30′s with kids).

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