Corvallis, OR

Christ Central Presbyterian Church, Mission Corvallis, OR-Rev. Greg Joines

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Give Thanks:

  • We recently returned from an amazing seminar in Colorado. It was a wonderful time for our family to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other. We were apprehensive about leaving for a Sunday, but all of our volunteers stepped up and service went very well in our absence. Although several families recently moved away, we have a couple of families who are moving into Corvallis this summer as well.

Trust God:

  • We recently moved to a new space and are praying for wisdom on the best use of the space to develop our community and reach our neighbors. We pray that the Lord will continue to let us grow into a loving, robust community.

Prayer Requests:

  • Lord, we thank you for the ways you use broken vessels for your kingdom, working redemption in the unlikely, and allowing us to participate with you in this amazing Kingdom endeavor. We pray that the kingdom will continue to manifest through the various churches of the network and more individuals will be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

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