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The Portland Project – Rev. Bryan and Amanda Buck

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Give Thanks:

  • On Tuesday night I’ve been playing basketball with a group of men, some of whom live in our parish. I initially prayed that this time together would overflow into drinks after the game with the hopes of building relationship and sharing the gospel. God faithfully answered this prayer and we began gathering at a historic bar in our neighborhood. The second week I ended up in several conversations with guys trying to figure out life and some who find themselves in crisis. The Spirit naturally allowed these conversations to flow in a spiritual direction which afforded me the opportunity to share the gospel in very personal ways. I pray that God would continue to provide these new creation conversations and that these men would become brothers in Christ.

Trust God:

  • We have had a blast pursuing the kingdom this summer serving our community, befriending the poor and engaging in substantial conversations with neighbors. Andre Lewis once said that church planters love to see conversions, and this is good, but it takes Christians to plant the church.
  • In the coming months we are trusting God for more believers, and particularly leader-ready believers, to be drawn to God’s vision for our parish plant.

Prayer request:

  • I’ve begun to think of the earthly kingdom as comprised of servants who are free (Christians), slaves (non-Christians) who are in bondage, and stories (rumors about our great king who is on the move). As we begin to plant please pray that God would continue to write stories in our parish about himself and his initiating grace. Said another way, pray that we would pursue his kingdom and see the church manifest as a result.

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