Portland, OR

The Portland Project – Rev. Bryan and Amanda Buck

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Give Thanks:

  • We have been serving at our farmers market throughout the summer building relationships with community influencers, neighbors and vendors. Over the past months I’ve built a friendship with a fruit vendor named Javier and recently he asked what I do for a living. After telling him I was a pastor, he said that he noticed something different about me. He went on to explain that he’s recently been thinking about religious education for his children and wanted to talk to me more about what we believe. I’m looking forward to what God will do in this ongoing conversation and hope to share the gospel!

Trust God:

  • We are at a tipping point with several fundraising asks, people God could be drawing to our plant and two families that are in the final stages of moving here from Atlanta. Completely powerless, I’m trusting God to show up big time!

Prayer Requests:

  • On the weekend of the 24th we have an opportunity to rally our people, other churches and the neighborhood-at-large around a campus beautification project at our local elementary school. Pray that God’s kingdom would be revealed through the work and personal interactions.

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