Mill Creek, WA

Trinitas Church, Mill Creek, WA – Rev. Brant and Heather Bosserman

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Give Thanks:

  • This month we had our first adult baptism! The young man in view had believed that he had been baptized as an infant, only to discover from his father that this was not the case. He sparsely attended church throughout his childhood and teenage years, and came to know and understand the Gospel in its true import at Trinitas. So, we were super thankful that we got to welcome him not only into our church, but to welcome him as a child of God through his baptism.

Trust God:

  • In 2015 we are entering into a new season at our current location, as the church building has come into new ownership (by a new church). I am praying that this transition will go smoothly, and prove to be mutually edifying to both Trinitas Church and the new church from whom we will be renting our facility (Canyon Creek Church).

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that Trinitas Church will carefully and wisely identify men of godly character and sound ability to serve our church as ruling elders, and lead us in pursuing the lost throughout our region.

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