Spokane, WA

Coram Deo Presbyterian Church, Spokane, WA – Rev. Kyle and Gretchen Parker

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Give Thanks:

  • Jack Parker had an encouraging report from his doctor regarding his kidneys.
  • Gretchen enjoyed a refreshing trip to Portland to spend time with old friends.
  • Kyle is enjoying coaching and building relationships through coaching basketball.
  • The Parker’s Christmas open house went well as the house filled with neighbors, families from our school, and church folk together celebrating and getting to know each other.

Trust God:

  • I am pursuing additional outside funding in the early months of 2015 for favor and generosity.
  • Patience in dealing with people waiting on the Lord to move their hearts toward joining Coram Deo in worship.
  • Leadership development opportunity and focus in 2015.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please celebrate with and pray for Coram Deo as we enter 2015. We will face a number of challenges including securing a location to move toward a Sunday morning worship service.
  • We have a wonderful core of people and are together seeking ways to extend the hope of Christ deeper into Spokane.

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