Spokane, WA

Coram Deo Presbyterian Church, Spokane, WA – Rev. Kyle and Gretchen Parker

Monday, 19 January 2015

Give Thanks:

  • God is opening doors and providing relational and ministry opportunities in all directions over the last 5 weeks. I am counseling a couple of troubled marriages of non-Christians who are desperate for hope. The relationships on both the basketball teams I currently coach are deepening and several families have inquired about the church.
  • Jack (our son) has a kidney issue and we thought his condition was worsening on closer inspection with the surgeon they are optimistic that the viable parts of his kidneys are functioning well.

Trust God:

  • The difficulty in life currently is personal — I dislocated my right shoulder twice over the holiday which slows one down a great deal.
  • The slowdown in ministry in relationship to Christmas in Spokane is pretty steep we are just now getting relationally back underway with people.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray with Coram Deo Presbyterian as we prepare in the cold winter months for effective and focused outreach to various South Hill neighborhoods in the later spring. We are also taking advantage of the slowing of life in these colder months to collect and focus anew on internal communication process and ministerial development internal to Coram Deo.

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