Central District, Seattle, WA

Jubilee Community Church of the Central District, Seattle, WA – Rev. Jason and Foxy Davison

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Give Thanks:

  • Thankful for the New Year and for new energy in our church. We have seen more visitors, including some neighbors of ours.
  • We also have seen God’s faithfulness to us as we revisited the possibility of moving into an actual church building. We are pleased to report that we have been welcomed into a new location in a beautiful church building in the Central District. This now allows us to save some energy by, not needing to move things on Sunday mornings, and to redirect that energy in further developing our children’s ministry and outreach

Trust God:

  • Please do pray for our congregation as we do need to grow numerically, but also as a family. One of the great blessings of a multi-ethnic church is that we get to see the Spirit supernaturally build us into one family, because on our own we normally wouldn’t hang out. It’s a blessing to get to know each other, but it also requires a lot of efforts to get to know and trust one another. From our approach to children, to how we sing or like our liturgy–we tend to cancel out each of our tastes and preferences. This is a good thing, but it could also mean that there isn’t a culture or identity at all. Pray for unity, and the time and energy to build an identity–even if it doesn’t look like how I or others might have envisioned.

Prayer Requests:

  • Father God, you call men and women and children from every nation to call upon your name. The islands look to you for their salvation! Lord save us! Save us from ourselves and continue to transform us into a kingdom of priests willing and ready to serve you. Jesus, thank you for your church and for this church-plant, Jubilee. We pray that you will guide, energize, and unify your people at Jubilee Community Church. We thank you for the new building, the new faces, new finances, and we are trusting in you for the renewed vigor for the Central District and one another. We need your help O Christ, by the Father’s plan and the Spirit’s power, Amen.

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