Corvallis, OR

Christ Central Presbyterian Church, Mission Corvallis, OR – Rev. Greg and Dolly Joines

Monday, 18 May 2015

Give Thanks:

  • Just returned from a successful fundraising trip to Charlotte NC, and it was wonderfully refreshing to reconnect with current partners of our project as well as recruiting new partners for our project. Along with that, we have continued to see more folks checking out Christ Central, and are excited for this next season in the life of the church.

Trust God:

  • Although we had a successful trip, we are still looking at a small, yet attainable, deficit for 2015, we pray that we will be able to close that gap, and continue to do ministry in an effective way. We also pray for the normal messiness of congregational life. We need the Spirit to intercede in powerfully redemptive ways.

Prayer Requests:

  • Lord, you look at this world and see in the midst of the brokenness, the beauty of it. And in the midst of the dignity, you see the danger of sin. Yet, you have dealt with those things in the ultimate expression of beauty and brokenness, on the cross. I pray that you will establish us to be a faithful presence in the community to celebrate grace, forgiveness, while inviting others into experiencing it alongside us. We pray these things by the power of your Spirit, in Christ’s name. Amen.

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