Portland, OR

Oaks Parish Mission Project – Rev. Bryan and Amanda Buck

Monday, 17 August 2015

Give Thanks:

  • Beginning this time last year God began to gather people around the vision of planting Oaks Parish. Now, a year later, we have an awesome launch team of nine families that are committed to our launch team.
  • On August 21st we’re hosting a launch team camping retreat where we’ll covenant together for the year ahead.
  • Amanda and I are so grateful for this group of people.

Trust God:

  • Beginning this September we will begin meeting every other week for Sunday worship. There are a number of “next steps” that we need to take in September as we move into the next stage.
  • We are trusting God to provide for each of these needs.

Prayer Requests:

  • This month before school starts, we’re serving two elementary schools in our parish completing landscaping projects in preparation for the new school year. We hope to bring a little heavenly beauty to earth in these projects.
  • More than anything we hope that our ongoing presence at these schools will bring with it the presence of God’s favor on children, teachers, and administrators.

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