Spokane, WA

Coram Deo Presbyterian Church, Spokane, WA – Rev. Kyle and Gretchen Parker

Monday, 17 August 2015

Give Thanks:

  • We managed to take the majority of two weeks off for a family reunion in Lake Tahoe and the weeklong visit of my cousin and his family from Colorado.
  • The community of Coram Deo is galvanizing around the move to Sunday morning worship is refreshing ways investing in the process and various needs.
  • We had a good report from the kidney specialist regarding Jack’s kidneys.

Trust God:

  • The overt concern is harvesting the various processes towards going fully mobile for Sunday worship from trailers, to rolling boxes, to figuring out how to do communion without a dishwasher.
  • I am working on a trip to develop further support in the this fall which will take me out of town for 10-12 days.
  • Matt Bostrom is faithfully developing his support base on hopes of an early fall move to Spokane.

Prayer Requests:

  • Coram Deo is thankful for the support, encouragement, and prayer of the Northwest Church Planting Network.
  • We are mobilizing to go mobile in the fall as we will start morning worship in mid-September and Launch two weeks later.
  • We continue to enjoy a deepening community of thoughtful and kingdom minded university students from the various colleges in the area and are looking forward to Matt and Callie Bostrom (currently itinerating) joining us and focusing on university ministry.

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