Portland, OR

Oaks Parish Mission Project – Rev. Bryan and Amanda Buck

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Give Thanks:

  • Last year we laid the foundation for Oaks Parish developing missional communities that foster spiritual growth, familial friendships of trust, and service to our parish. As a team this fall we’ve taken the next step, the launch of public worship. In our launch team meetings I’ve been amazed at how our church is creatively and faithfully owning what it means to launch a church.

Trust God:

  • In December we will begin meeting every week for worship. Please pray for our team’s preparation for this moment and that God would send us more people to faithfully serve his church. Pray for me as I adjust to a new weekly rhythm.

Prayer Requests:

  • In reading Jeremiah 38 the other day I came across a story of Jeremiah in a muddy cistern (read it). At first I found it strange and not applicable to my reality. Then I realized that Jeremiah was a minority in his culture speaking prophetically for his time and place. I began to be burdened by the question “who in our parish is disadvantaged and marginalized that under their shirt is a bold prophet of God?” Please pray that the Spirit would lead us in exploring the answer to this question.

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