Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Kenai Mission, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska – Rev. Andrew and Amy Allen

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Give Thanks:

  • Amy and I are thankful that we are finally in Alaska. There were so many challenges to getting here, but the Lord got us through all of them and built our faith in the process.
  • 1) Our house back in Washington sold.
  • 2) The Lord provided a great used 4×4 truck the week before we needed it. It was a great driving truck with no issues all the way from Seattle to Soldotna and continues to be a blessing here.
  • 3) Many folks gave generous one-time gifts to cover our moving and initial setup costs – we are 100% covered till the end of the year and projected at 70% support for the next few years.
  • 4) Amy has had a very easy pregnancy to date, a huge blessing considering the amount of work she has had to do to remodel, pack, move, and set up our home – all in her third trimester.
  • 5) So many more blessings…

Trust God:

  • I am feeling the strong desire for meaningful connection with the existing group. Of course, this takes time, so pray I am praying for and seeking natural opportunities to get to know our people.
  • The existing families are busy folks and we have had a hard time getting a Sunday night with a full crowd. This can be discouraging, but we want to draw folks because the time is a blessing – not out of slavish obligation. I am trusting God that our time on Sundays will bless the folks.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that Amy and I add a healthy baby girl to the kingdom this month (baby’s due date is Oct 27th). Pray for me to prioritize ministry well as we adjust to this blessing.
  • Pray for the planning of our group’s first (private) worship service – c.a. mid-November – there are many details to work out including a solid date and a good location.
  • Pray for relational and missional momentum that is compelling to souls outside our group’s walls – souls already owned by Jesus as well as souls being called by His Spirit.

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