Mission Northwest

Northwest Church Planting Network – Rev. Michael and Sandra Kelly

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Give Thanks:

  • Join us in giving thanks for God’s faithfulness to the people of Mill Creek, WA and Trinitas Presbyterian church. On November 11th, three years after the mission began, the Pacific Northwest Presbytery ordained 3 elders and installed Rev. Dr. Brant Bosserman as pastor.
  • Paul takes the lead for us by “always giving thanks for the saints.” Join us in thanking God for the hundreds of faithful believers who have left the comfort and stability of established churches to be part of fledging congregations. They are among the faith-heroes of our missions.

Prayer Requests:

  • Andrew and Amy Allen are now in the field. These first months are critical. Pray that Andrew would find favor and be given gracious influence by God in the eyes of his launch team. Pray that he would be both servant and leader and that God would open doors to share the Gospel in the Kenai Peninsula for both the Allens and the members of the nascent congregation.
  • We will continue to need your prayers for the financial needs of our network. Please ask God to give us wisdom to steward our resource and the supporting partners we need to fund our mission.
  • The Network will be making critical decisions about a potential 2016 Apprentice by year’s end. Please pray for wisdom.
  • Our Wives Retreat is the most important ministry event of the year. Please pray for the 20 plus ladies who will attend, lead and serve. Ask God to meet them with his refreshing graces.

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