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Northwest Church Planting Network – Rev. Michael and Sandra Kelly

Monday, 18 January 2016

Give Thanks:

  • We are very thankful for the good start to public worship we have seen at Coram Deo in Spokane, Washington and Oaks Parish, Portland, Oregon. God has blessed to efforts of our leaders who engaged the critical and challenging work of learning their communities and building genuine relationships that lead to local involvement in the plants.
  • We are also excited about the significant progress Greg and Dolly Joines have made this year in at Christ Central Presbyterian Church, Corvallis, Oregon. Their faith and tenacity were used to energize the young church and are bearing the fruit of new momentum and conversion. We are proud of them.
  • Andre and Amy Allen took the courageous step of faith to move to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. We give thanks for that kind of faith and have already been encouraged by their work with the launch team and the new connections they have made.
  • We are also very thankful for your support. By God’s grace we finished in the black and met our revenue goals for 2015.

Trust God:

  • Although we are most certainly not Paul, we do understanding what he meant when he said he daily feels the burden of all the churches (2 Corinthians 11.28). We confess to worrying our planters and faithful folks who set up chairs and bring friends and give generously to a church that is just being born. These leaders need coaching, financial support and encouragement. They also get stuck and discouraged. We feel their struggles and trust God to use us and many others to meet their needs.

Prayer Requests:

  • As we trust God to use us to care for our leaders, please ask him to give Sandy and I wisdom and prayerful hearts to help leaders sustain hope and effectiveness for the long haul.
  • Also, pray that our Board has wisdom about who to involve in our Apprentice and Internship ministry as well as to do the work of planting churches.
  • Although me met our revenue goals for 2015, it was necessary to postpone mission critical fundraising until this year. That means we extended our use of strategic reserves by up to 9 months. Please pray for our fundraising efforts this year. They will make or break the ministry.

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