Portland, OR

Oaks Parish Mission Project – Rev. Bryan and Amanda Buck

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Give Thanks:

  • Last month we reported that we hosted vision night to begin the year. Our vision is to grow though life-on-life investment and look at everything through the lens of discipleship. Since that time we’ve seen people take all sorts of next steps in our community. People are contemplating leadership for the first time, as well as tithing, serving our parish, and joining home communities.

Trust God:

  • Our launch team has faithfully served on Sunday morning since last summer. They are an amazing group of people and we couldn’t do it without them!
  • That said, some have begun to experience fatigue. Pray that God’s grace would sustain us and more newcomers would be willing to jump in the volunteer ranks.

Prayer Requests:

  • Portland is a city that freely exploits young girls in the strip club and sex trafficking industry. In a preemptive strike against this darkness, last weekend we helped sponsor a Small Tall Ball at our local elementary school. This event serves as a fundraiser for 5th grade environmental education and more importantly, a special evening for families to invest in their daughters. This year we had double the turn out and raised twice as much money as last year! Pray that God would continue to bless our relationships with schools in our parish.

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