Corvallis, OR

Christ Central Presbyterian Church, Mission Corvallis, OR – Rev. Greg and Dolly Joines

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Give Thanks:

  • We had an amazing and wonderful Holy Week. We started with a largely attended Seder meal, a powerful Good Friday service, and a wonderful Easter Celebration. In addition to this, we were able to get a much more accommodating children’s space in a more appropriate location.
  • We have a family who decided to step up and form a welcome team as well.
  • We are also excited for the new sermon series we have started, exploring the book of Ephesians with application to our own congregation.

Trust God:

  • We are entering a season where we have traditionally grown, both in terms of gathering and in terms of forming community (might be attributed to the better weather). We have some amazing opportunities coming up and are thankful for the trajectory we are one.
  • In addition to this, I have been thankful for the opportunities I have had in the community and pray the Lord will continue to bless them!

Prayer Requests:

  • Lord, you have ushered in a Kingdom we are all longing for, and are too easily satisfied with lessor. As we seek to dwell in our community, I pray that there will be glimmers of that eternal kingdom in our worship, our relationships, and our lives. I thank you for all the churches that have partnered with us, supporting us, and encouraging us. We pray blessings upon them and hope that we will bear your light into the darkness of our world. In Christ’s name, Amen.

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