Spokane, WA

Coram Deo Presbyterian Church, Spokane, WA – Rev. Kyle and Gretchen Parker

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Give Thanks:

  • The summer season is developing well for visitors attending worship allied with a good interaction in the days following their visit appears to be positioning the church well for the fall.

Trust God:

  • The primary areas for concern personally obits around an eye infection and subsequent ulcer which luckily is responding well to treatment and is essentially healed — the professional difficulty is it keeping me from seeing well due to not being able to wear contacts.
  • The primary concern for Coram Deo is financial as we await commitments this fall we developed to finalize.

Prayer Requests:

  • Thanks to those connected in prayer and financial partnership with the Northwest Church Planting Network we are pleased to report that Coram Deo in Spokane is continuing to grow and mature.
  • The summer in the Inland Northwest is beautiful and with the abundance of outdoor recreation options coupled with the myriad of festivals and celebrations hosted in Spokane consistent discipleship in the summer months is a challenge.
  • Matt Bostrom is working diligently towards his ordination exams in September and we both are involved in a number of weddings this summer.
  • The encouraging thing this summer is the number of visitors we have looking into Coram Deo!
  • There are a number of summer events we host including movie nights, concerts, and parties to keep the relations connections vivid and foster invitations from core members towards their friends.

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