Mission Northwest

Standing Prayer Requests

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Please pray:

  • For Holiness and humility for our planters and other leaders.
  • For protection, love and safety for our planters families.
  • For the glory of God and the honor of his Son in the Northwest.  May this area be known as home to the most vital, godly, gracious and effective churches in North America.
  • For protection from the enemy and his dark forces.
  • For the lost, especially in those communities we have ministries in West Seattle, Central District, Federal Way, Bellingham, Portland, and Hillsboro.
  • For spiritual renewal among in our churches and individual members.
  • For financial support for both church plants and the network through the fund raising efforts of the Kellys, other network leaders and church planters.
  • For power and truth blessed by the Spirit of God from the pulpits of our churches.
  • For unity in our congregations, among our leaders and with other Christians in the Northwest.

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Posted by Pat Craig