Bellingham, WA

Christ Church, Bellingham, WA

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Church Planters: Nate and Shannon Walker

Give Thanks:

  • I am thankful for the new Christians in our church who are growing and excited about the word of God.

Trust God:

  • I struggle to balance how much I should give myself to people in crisis. I want to be a good pastor to them, but I also am learning that I am not their savior, and if I try to be that for everyone it is not helpful for them, for me, for the church, or for my family.

Prayer Requests:

  • I would love prayer for my family that we would have more opportunities in our neighborhood to reach out to non-Christians. We seem to have many opportunities with new people but often feel like our time is filled with in-church relationships. We would love to be sharing the gospel with the un-churched, please pray that the Lord would keep that as a priority in our family even as our church grows.

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