Hillsboro, OR

Ascension Presbyterian Church, Hillsboro, OR

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Church Planters: Eric and Jerilee Costa

Give Thanks:

  • I’ve recently received warm personal/pastoral care from two of our elder nominees. It’s encouraging to work with such wise and gracious men.
  • Our officer training has produced fruitful discussions (we’re currently using “How People
    Change,” by Lane & Tripp).
  • We’ve had two new couples (older in age, mature Christians) join us and stick lately – they seem to be pretty happy with Ascension.
  • Also this month we discovered we’re having a fourth child – pretty exciting!

Trust God:

  • Conversations with members of the church
  • Increasing responsbilities with Pacific Northwest Presbytery.

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer for leadership that we would first and foremost, grow in our personal relationship with Jesus through prayer, worship, and fellowship. And the same growth would flow into the whole congregation.
  • Pray for a family in our church who has a member undergoing several months of chemo therapy (her treatment so far has been successful).

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