Hope Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR

Friday, 1 June 2012

Church Planters: Pat and Ashley Roach

Give Thanks :

  • Thankful for continued and surprising financial stability.
  • For new members and their zeal to service.
  • Continued progress of our Elder candidates.
  • Thankful for and looking forward to Greg and Dolly Joines arrival in July to begin a yearlong internship at Hope.
  • Weekly prayer meetings are faithfully attended by a few-but a few are showing!

Trusting God :

  • Growth-getting beyond the 100 person barrier and staying there.
  • Maturity among folks.
  • Infrastructure development. I need to get more organized to better lead and structure our ministry.

Prayer Requests :

  • Continual growth during the summer months when fewer people come.
  • Development of organizational skills.

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