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Monday, 16 July 2012

Emerging Projects:

  • Over the next four to six months the Network will make important decisions about projects in three communities and, more importantly the planters and their families who might serve there. The locations that are under consideration are Bend and Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington. Please prayer for:
    • Unity among the leadership.
    • Clarity of calling for the planters.
    • Wisdom to discern priorities and the best use of limited resources.

    Financial Provision :

    • Financial Provision: For the first time in our history we have more viable planters and projects than we can fund. God is raising up laborers for the harvest, we need to find support for their work. Please pray for:
    • Financial heath in all our member and contributing congregations in Oregon and Washington. Our leaders make good faith pledges and sacrifice other needs to fulfill them. If our local churches struggle, the Network can struggle.

    Prayer Requests:

    • Ongoing financial needs and fundraising.
    • Pray especially for our church, CrossPoint. We are having the most difficult financial year in our tenure.
    • Pray for our ongoing national fundraising efforts. We’ve had at least one encouraging meeting recently and a number of positive initial discussions; however, we have also suffered a few significant set-backs.
    • Please pray for 8 churches and a number of families we are in contact with.
    • Lord’s leading in the hearts of people we speak with about fundraising.
    • Loving the people we speak with and not seeing them as a means to an end.
    • Keep Mike and Sandy Kelly in your prayers as well as their children (Erin, Luke and Ian). Pray that the uncertainty of this project and the tension of such a big transition would teach us all to trust God and love one another well.

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