Central District, Seattle, WA

CrossPoint/Jubilee Church, Seattle, WA

Monday, 4 June 2012

Church Planter: Jason and Foxy Davison

Give Thanks:

  • Well, I praise God that our goals to reach the de-churched community of color in this area is panning out. The Lord has blessed my wife and I to be witness of the Gospel and in such a way that people trust that we care about them and the neighborhood. Moreover, it is great to see Foxy’s work within the Sickle Cell Community really bless lives in the Seattle area. I am also thank for a wonderful vacation with my family.

Trust God :

  • I am still torn over how to navigate planting a congregation amongst established, Anglo-American believers from CrossPoint/Mars Hill, while also reaching the folks we minister to the Central District. The approach of the two groups to Gospel understanding and living is very, very different. The indicatives and imperative of the Gospel are the same, but the contexts and how to execute the Gospel is very different. This month I have had people tell me they want to be pastored but they require time and long-term commitment that don’t fit well with setting up a church with already established white believers who also need a lot of touch-time. Pray for more Christians from Central and South Seattle to help assist us in loving people in this area, while also loving and shepherding believers from CrossPoint and Mars Hill.

Prayer Requests :

  • Lord of Heaven and Earth, we thank you for your Sovereign hand in all things. We thank you that there is nothing beyond your control. We ask that through your Son and by your Spirit that you would establish the work of our hands in the Central District. Bless the Davison’s as they seek to build relationships, and preach the Gospel to a context of people that have never heard the Gospel or have walked away from the church so many years ago. May the people they have come to know and love see Christ’s truth and love through them, and may they hear the Gospel revealed in the Cross and Resurrection. Amen

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