Hillsboro, OR

Ascension Presbyterian Church, Hillsboro, OR

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Church Planter: Eric and Jerilee Costa

Give Thanks:

  • Two of our elder nominees continue to impress me with their love for the congregation and willingness to engage in difficult ministries. We had a great time at our officer nominee retreat (backpacking/camping for two nights near Mt. Hood).
  • Folks have been responding positively to our summer sermon series on Amos. Uncharacteristically for me, I’ve got sermon series planned out through Easter!
  • We’re looking forward to starting up Sunday School in the fall, and we have some great folks directing that program.
  • Our pulpit committee has been working diligently to draft a call for me as Senior Pastor, and we’re on track to petition Presbytery for particularization in October.
  • On a personal level, several people in the congregation pitched in to give our family substantial financial assistance with a recent large plumbing bill.

Trust God :

  • One of our elder nominees and I are butting heads in several areas (philosophy of ministry, leadership qualities, personality). Another one of our deacon nominees withdrew from the process because his wife took their five children and left him for another man—this has been tremendously difficult for several of our families, as the wife was well loved by many of us, and was an integral part of our music team. This leaves one solid deacon nominee in the training process.
  • Also, I’m still concerned about the summer lull in attendance (even though giving doesn’t seem to have dropped off too much), hoping that attendance will pick back up again in the fall.

Prayer Requests :

  • Please pray fervently for the marriages in our church—some of these are in dire straits, which affect the lives of many in our church (especially children).
  • Please pray for our officer nominees who are going through training, and for our process toward becoming a particular church.
  • Please pray that we would successfully invite unbelievers to worship with us, and that we would see salvation come to our friends and families. Also, in order to accommodate our Sunday school classes we’ll need either to expand within our current rented facilities at little-to-no cost increase, or find new facilities. Please pray that our hosts would grant us the use of extra classrooms without charging us more!
  • Please pray that our church would attract unbelievers and young Christians to worship with us.

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