Central District, Seattle, WA

CrossPoint/Jubilee, Seattle, WA

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Church Planter: Jason and Foxy Davison

Give Thanks:

  • I am very thankful that as we move towards the beginning of a launch team that a few strong committed believers are meeting with my family and I on a weekly basis. Moreover, we had a very important Gospel Benefit for Sickle Cell anemia patients this month and it was a blessing to have so many churches involved. The event had members from Green lake Presbyterian and 5 other churches from the Church of God in Christ represented—a true manifestation of the kingdom of God in Christ Jesus!

Trust God :

  • This has been an especially challenging month with one of our children being sick for half the month and because of two deaths right at the end of July. Emotionally and mentally it has been a stressful time in addition to trying to fundraise and preach most of the month. Looking back on the month, our productivity level as a couple was significantly reduced because of constantly being on alert for health reasons. By the end of July, I was notified of having to cover two funerals just days before the launch of our Jubilee Community meetings.

Prayer Requests :

  • Lord, we know you to be a faithful Lord over our lives and you call us to hard work in the kingdom. In the midst of suffering and great trial you call us to labor for you and that in itself is a privilege. Please help us to remember that though the work is hard you have put in the lion’s share of labors, we are reaping where You have already sown. Give us joy, healing and strength for the days ahead. Amen.

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