Central District, Seattle, WA

Jubilee/CrossPoint, Seattle, WA

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Give Thanks:

  • Thankful for the folks showing up at our Jubilee community meetings. We finished the 10 week course with a wonderful balance of believers and non-believers, a nice diversity of different churches represented and various ethnicities coming that reflects the community.
  • Half way through the month we started meeting as a launch team toward church-planting. We are very encouraged by the group that is meeting and they desire that we get started worshipping in the near future.

Trust God:

  • Things are going pretty well. I just need prayer to continue to maintain relationships with those who are not ready for a church plant. Most of the folks attending Jubilee Community are Christians who were not sure if they were called to plant, or non-Christians who are from the hood and want to be ministered to, but are suspicious of the Church. Pray that I may have time to reach them, reach the folks who we mentor through the cafĂ©, and have time to fundraise.

Prayer Requests:

  • Lord, we thank you for the opportunity to serve in your Kingdom and in your House. Thank you for the men and women we have been ministering to in the Central District. O Lord, we know that you have called us out here to this community. With that assurance Lord we ask that you establish the work of our hands to reach out to the lost, to the left out, to the least of these. O God, give our launch team a familial bond as we fellowship and guide us in how to be witnesses for you in the Central District of Seattle.
    We praise you O God and bless your Name! Amen.

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