Bellingham, WA

Christ Church Bellingham, WA

Friday, 14 December 2012

Give Thanks :

  • I am thankful for my wife. God has equipped her abundantly and she is such an amazing support and encouragement to me.
  • I am thankful for the new leaders the Lord has brought to our church who are eager to serve and give themselves to the mission of the church.

Trust God :

  • We have had some serious personal issues we have had to deal with and I worry about becoming cynical about people and the church.

Prayer Requests :

  • In the first four months of the new year we will be doing deacon training, please pray that the Lord would build a healthy and faithful deaconate in our church.
  • We are focusing on discipleship this year (I will be preaching through Matthew) and will have a number of smaller discipleship groups I will be investing in (in addition to our Home Groups).
  • Please pray that the Lord would make these efforts fruitful, and the he would teach us (and me particularly) about how to make disciples effectively.

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