Hillsboro, OR

Ascension Presbyterian Church, Hillsboro, OR

Friday, 14 December 2012

Give Thanks :

  • Our oldest son, Ransom, started Kindergarten this fall as a public school in our neighborhood. It is a Title-1, high-poverty, dual-language (Spanish-English) school. It has been delightful getting to know faculty, staff, and parents of other students. Opportunities for friendships are multiplying. There is a volunteer/donation-based program that distributes backpacks filled with food to students in need every Friday. Our church is probably going to get involved with that program.
  • The two elders nominees and one deacon nominees passed their exams with strong positive remarks from their examiners. They will stand for election in December.
  • We had a newcomers’ lunch in our home on a Sunday after church that was attended by four new couples/families.

Trust God :

  • I’m always worried that we don’t seem to be growing very rapidly. We’ve had folks invite friends lately who have visited, but we need to see return visitors!

Prayer Requests :

  • Please pray that my wife, Jerilee, would deliver our fourth child very soon. And that they would both be healthy.
  • Please pray that our officer candidates would be elected to serve by the congregation this month.
  • Please pray that our church would be a blessing to our local community through service and mercy ministries.
  • Please pry for the marriages in our church-two particular are doing very badly, and spouses desperately need to learn to forgive and love one another.

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