Hillsboro, OR

Ascension Presbyterian Church, Hillsboro, OR

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Give Thanks:

  • I’m thankful for the health of Jerilee and our new baby, Jubilee (born on our tenth anniversary)! The whole family’s pretty happy with the new addition, and the church has been excited to take care of us and let us rest.
  • I am also thankful that Greg Joines was able to cover me for a couple of week around the baby’s delivery (we shared an Advent series). We had a beautiful candlelight Christmas Ever service.
  • I am thankful that the officer candidates were elected by overwhelming majorities.
  • We have our particularization service scheduled for 6pm Sunday, January 27th. My mentor Charles Garland is traveling out to preach that weekend for us.
  • Our giving in December was strong.

Trust God:

  • My main worry is about attendance. People have been inviting friends and we’ve had some returning visitors lately, but it’s been pretty low the last couple of weeks. (I’m assuming/hoping mainly due to the holidays).

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that our upcoming particularization will serve as a huge catalyst for ministry and invitation.
  • Pray that people at Ascension would experience true, holy unity, and would be inspired to live for God and be salt and light.
  • Pray that those men elected to be officers would continue to grow in grace and ministry, so that the multi-faceted beauties of the Gospel would shine forth clearly from the leadership in the church.

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