Corvallis, OR

Mission Corvallis, Oregon

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Give Thanks:

  • I am thankful for the several new (random) contacts we have made, for meeting folks at a local brewery and having a great conversation about Jesus, and really being embraced into the community by other local pastors (including recommending to some of their congregation to be a part of our launch community).

Trust God:

  • I don’t know if we are being too ambitious, but we are really hoping that we can start preview services / weekly worship this Fall. It is hard to think through making this a reality.

Prayer Requests:

  • Father, we praise you for the great joy and great hope we have in the person and work of your son, Jesus Christ. We praise you for working to the renewal of all things through His work, and we are beneficiaries by faith, and nothing we can do. We thank you for sending the Spirit to help extend Christ’s kingdom and that the Spirit is working in the Church throughout the entire world in all types of people.

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