Central District, Seattle, WA

Jubilee Community Church, Central District, Seattle, WA

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Give Thanks:

  • I’m thankful for a beautiful baby girl whom the Lord has added to our family–Trinity! I’m thankful that the weather is changing so that we might worship on street corners and parks so that as many as possible might hear the Gospel. We continue to be thankful for Washington Hall which has been a great blessing for us to worship weekly.

Trust God:

  • We are trusting God for a few logistical dynamics we are trying to work through. In addition to wanting to engage the community and share the Gospel, we do have to iron out how Sundays will work logistically. We are trusting God to help us with storage at Washington Hall, developing our children’s ministry, decor, sound, etc.

Prayer Requests:

  • Lord, you know our hearts, aspirations, our sins and deepest hurts. You know the work of our hands, our competencies and our limitations. God sanctify this work in the Central District, out of all of our strengths and weaknesses please redeem these efforts for your glory and for the salvation of many. Give us faithful hearts, willing hands, and boldness to proclaim your Gospel in word and deed in the Central District. Please bless our summer outreach and public worship services. Establish the work of our hands O Lord. Amen.

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